David Winkelmann(non-registered)
These are unbelievably fantastic! John Woods must have been a great UI photography instructor and you a great student! I am a former Ashland resident and also went to the U of I, where John Woods was a good friend. I didn't have a chance to take the photography class, however, since the ag comm program was just getting started when I was there. Even if I had, I know I would never be able to take photos like these! Congrats on some really beautiful, professional photography!
Patsy Kelly(non-registered)
These are stunning. I can almost feel the warning of the moose. Is that a grosbeak? Love it!
Sue Baker(non-registered)
Greg - these are fabulous. I have yet to start editing ours, but when I do I will be sure to be asking for a couple of yours. Hope you and Diane are well and hoping to see you guys again.
Keith Bradbury(non-registered)
Great trip. alaska is one place I could visit every year.
Eugene Van Loan(non-registered)
When do we get "the rest of the (Alaska) story"?
LOVE your bear photos! Can you put a little guy in your suitcase?
Pam Martin(non-registered)
Ansel Adams, only in color and not him :)
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